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Everyone graduating college is doing the same thing: looking for a job. So how can you stand out from hundreds of online applications all flooding in at the same time of year?

Easy: go offline.

I hit the pavement (and the post office) with these postcards featuring my own illustrations of busts (hence the hashtag) to get my work in the very hands of the people I wanted seeing it most.


Art Direction


Social Media



A series of postcards sent via snail mail to different creative directors, designers, and recruiters at agencies I also wanted to be at.

Cards featured my own illustrations in bright colors, and the question "looking for a designer?" on the back, with a handwritten note from yours truly. The cards also included my website and contact info, driving traffic to my portfolio.


Social Media


Every campaign now needs a social integration, so I also created social media posts highlighting the campaign and letting people know to message me if they, or someone they knew, were looking to hire and wanted a postcard.

I also integrated the campaign into my #inktober efforts for the month of October, creating a new bust for every day of the challenge I participated in (which, of course, were posted under #EmploymentorBust)



There were four postcards, each featuring an original illustration based on themes of classical art, sculpture, and mythology.

(from left to right)

Top: Patron Saint, Petrichor

Bottom: Palm Reader, Persephone

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