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A campaign for Karma Agency aimed at potential new interns, promoting Karma's love of collaboration and passion for new, fresh perspectives.

Project done as part of an internship at Karma Agency, under the supervision and direction

of Kayla Velocci (Designer) and Paige Montes (Copywriter).


Art Direction


Motion Graphics


AD: Kayla Velocci

Copy: Paige Montes

Design Intern: Jenna Lecours

Design Intern: Niamh Murphy


This campaign is all about what made Karma, Karma and what makes you, you. There might be some things in common: Karma is straightforward, you’re straightforward; or we might not: Karma loves print, but you’re digital all the way. But it’s not these individual traits that matter. Just like one chromosome doesn’t make a person, one trait doesn’t make a Karma employee. It’s about all of your traits. It’s about the way Karma’s traits and your traits mesh, conflict, overlap. It’s not about the circles on their own, it’s about what happens when they meet. When they meet, it’s like a chemical reaction. Projects gain more insight, design norms are challenged, and innovative ideas are propelled. Potential becomes kinetic

We created a series of posters as our main execution of this campaign. They’re minimal in design, making use of white space and tension to grab attention and stand out amongst all the busyness of notices and flyers on college campuses.

Along with the internship program and website link, we propsed including another CTA that reads ""  We liked the idea of the email address not just being an email address, but a call to action in itself. It implores the reader to apply, but also informs them how. If the reader is interested? Well... intern@karma.

Social Media

We templated out some hiring posts to be reposted on LinkedIn and Instagram, two places we felt were valuable to our own internship hunt.

The posts showed some form of movement, either through lines, or through having to physically swipe to the next image. 

We made a series of Instagram stories, shown below, calling out some possible traits an intern could have and watching them interact, emphasizing that it's not the individual trait that matters, but what happens when they meet.


The campaign was supplemented with freebies for college career fairs like totebags, notebooks, and stickers.

We also created an intern "zine", by previous interns for future interns, imparting workflow, staff, and lunch tips.

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