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'Travel to Korea Begins Again" Summer Digital Campaign

Art directed and designed digital assets and landing page for the Korean Tourism Organization's summer campaign, letting people know that South Korea was open to tourism again by targeting 5 specific interest categories: entertainment, cuisine, beauty, nature, and history. Using data-integrated banner ads and an AI-driven microsite, we were able to target people actively looking up things related to Korean culture, and tailor the webpage to the most optimal experience.


Web Design

Digital Design


CD: Philip Byrne, Carmen Soubriet

Designer: Blathanid Conroy, Niamh Murphy

Video Editor: Gabriel Caste



A modular microsite that featured original content related to different aspects of Korean culture, like cuisine, history, fashion, music, and more. The content on this microsite rotates with every visit, the AI gathers information on which content is most interesting to users, and then optimizes the microsite to the most successful combination of content, with the intention of increasing time spent on the site and ultimately driving users to book trips to Korea.

View site here.



Bold, imagery based social ads placed across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, leading to the microsite page corresponding to the category of ad served. 


Digital Banners

Banner ads created for each of the five categories, served on webpages that best matched the category in question. (Seen here, a Rolling Stone article about a K-pop artist serving ads from the entertainment category)

Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 10.53.22 PM.png


Worked with an independent contractor to create 15 and 30 second videos per category to be shown on social and as pre-roll on video streaming platforms.

Shown are videos for fashion/beauty and nature categories

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