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Reinvented Magazine

Design update and refresh for the first print magazine by, for, and about women in STEM

Created cohesive print layout guidelines, color palette, font selection, and art style in collaboration with other creative departments. 


Brand Identity

Layout Design

Production Design


CCO: Avika Patel

CD: Christine Ao

Magazine Director: Niamh Murphy


The magazine is staffed by volunteers, many are high schoolers who don't have design experience. Early issues of the magazine had tight borders, crowded layouts, and hard-to-read fonts.


I worked with the executive team to establish new layout guidelines: strict margins and gutters, a more legible and flexible font library, and a more comprehensive color palette. We also collaborated with the art team to create a custom illustration style to accompany articles that don't have accompanying photography.

I've also led presentations to the magazine team on subjects like typography, color combinations, and using inspiration. 

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