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Super Whopper: The Golden Arches

Spec campaign for Burger King, to promote the fact that their burgers are flame-grilled, never fried.

Introducing Super Whopper: The Golden Arches Strike, an8-but pixel game where users play as Junior, a flame-grilled hero harnessing the power of fire to defeat the greasy Golden Arches and save all of burgerkind from a fried fate.

Graphis New Talent Honorable Mention 2018


Art Direction

Motion Design

Social Media


Designer: Niamh Murphy, Abby Rementer


Users take the role of Junior to use fire to defeat The Golden Arches and their army of clown cronies. Blast fireballs to fight enemies and collect pickles- but watch for grease pits! They burn. 

The game can be played on desktop or mobile, and users can share their scores to social media to a) show off, and b) recruit friends into their fiery fight.

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pres slides_Part2_edited.jpg
pres slides_Part3.jpg
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