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YoFiFest (aka, The Yonkers Film Festival) was looking for a new logo to replace their old one and drive home the idea that they are a multidimensional film festival that offers more than just screenings. 

Assisted the CD in the concepting and creation of the logo, and independently developed the logo system for including YoFi's sub-brands and events.


Logo Design


CD: Philip Byrne

AD: Blàthnaid Conroy

 Niamh Murphy

Logo Update

The old logo was a flat square, with uneven letters and a hard-to-read subhead. The old logo also made it difficult to include names of other events and programs YoFiFest offered that went beyond their annual screening festival.


YoFiFest wanted something new and modern, to reflect the ways their festival has grown and incorporate their sub-brands.

Events and Programs

YoFi had offerings that go beyond their yearly festival, and wanted to have individual logos for each of these different events, programs, or locations.

We wanted to continue playing with the dimensionality of the logo, and created a grid to show all the different planes the logo was capable of breaking on to.

This gave us several unique layouts, to make each sub-logo stand out while still keeping them consistent with the main festival and brand logo.

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